Seeking Senior level assignments in Trading firms/ BFSI- Rajesh Natarajan

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Seeking Senior level assignments in Trading firms/ BFSI- Rajesh Natarajan

by nraajesh » Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:07 pm

Dear Friends,

Pls accept my apologies as I understand this is not the right forum to discuss the below issue... But still I'm posting this hoping that it might help.

By way of introduction, I’m Rajesh Natarajan, recently employed with Tata International Ltd., as Head - Documentation–steel trade.
I had quit Tata in Apr 2017 due to unforeseen personal emergencies and since then I'm looking for some senior level assignments in Operations ( preferably Trade Finance /Structured Trade Finance)/ operational risk/ regulatory compliance/ L&D(training on operational risk, compliance {TBML[AML], KYC, OFAC, OAC}, banking products and soft skills), etc.,

I have around 17 years of experience under various leadership roles inclusive of over 15 years in Trade Finance Operations and have worked with companies like Standard Chartered, Societe Generale, etc.,

Would be of great help if you could assist me in letting me know any opportunity matching my profile. Location is not a constraint and I’m available to join on immediate basis too.

I shall share my CV on request as I'm unable to attach my profile due to some technical issues.Request can be made thru' whatsapp too..
Your cooperation in this regard is highly appreciated.



Pls do feel free to approach me in case you have any questions on Trade Finance, Operational Risk, Regulatory Compliance etc., I shall respond to my level best as early as possible. Just a whatsapp message would do.

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