BL needed for DES incoterms?

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BL needed for DES incoterms?

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hi experts,
can someone enlighten this situation. i am buying product from supplier on DES terms and title transfers at destination, but supplier is not willing to provide or endorse bill lading to me. transaction is under LC terms. do i have rights to insist BL to be provided?
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Re: BL needed for DES incoterms?

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Hi Pal,

DES Incoterms 2000, replaced by DAP/DAT on Incoterms 2020, the seller placed the goods at disposal of the buyer on board of the ship at the port of destination. The buyer must present bill of lading to get the goods. Assuming that the l/c in favour of the seller requires presentation of bill of lading to a bank, the bill of lading had to be requested: negotiable. Let us know some more details!
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