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A Guarantee States Two Different Dates Expiry

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:53 pm
by snk
dear experts,

A guarantee states two different dates expiry 31.12.2013. claim lodgment date 28.02.2013
What does this hold for please deliberate...


claim lodgement

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:30 pm
by picant
Hi Pal,

It will depend on the guaran tee wording. Expiry date for the transaction to be guaranteed, claim lodgement, a period after expiry to claim the amount to the guarantor.
p.e. Covering shipment of goods not later than 30 nov 2013, payment at 30 days, if unpaid claim reimbursement not later than 28 feb 2014.
Naturally read well the guarantee.
Other comments appreciated