Definition of presenter in URDG758

With the introduction of Uniform Rules for Documentary Guarantee or URDG 758, the rules for Documentary Guarantee seem to be popular again. It can be imagined from the increasing number of questions that have popped up in recent days. Documentary Guarantee Forum is an effort to develop a platform to discuss these questions.
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Definition of presenter in URDG758

Post by CDCS2009 » Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:44 am

as per URDG 758,
presenter means a person who makes a presentation as or on behalf of the beneficiary or the applicant, as the case may be;
In my opinion, the bold words means that this rule does not mean that all who make presentation is a presenter. That means if any party other than the applicant and beneficiary deliver a document to the guarantor, that will be a presentation but that party is not a presenter. do you agree with me?

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Definition of presenter in URDG758

Post by leekaiyin55 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:00 pm

Dear Pal,

My idea is that we need a commonly pre-agreed terms for the rule URDG758. Otherwise, there must be arguments and/or confusion if different parties hold their own interpretations.

Presentation can mean a lodgement of claim, a request for cancellation or other else. That's why "as the case may be" is mentioned.

Do you agree with my opinion?


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