Original HBL Vs HBL Seawaybill as negotiable instrument

Simple is Beautiful; the only thing came in my mind when thought of documentary collection. And I think more and more people are thinking the same in these days. Documentary Collection offers us far greater security than selling on open account; but not as much as a documentary credit. We should therefore be more cautious before starting selling using this method of payment. Documentary Collection Forum is an effort to help you on this way – admin; besttradesolution.com
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Original HBL Vs HBL Seawaybill as negotiable instrument

Post by shaplabari » Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:34 pm

Can anybody please suggest that In order to cargo release at destination, can we issue HBL as SEAWAYBILL without BANK instead of bank consigned original B/L?
shipment is Export EX-Bangladesh.

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Post by picant » Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:19 am

Hi Pal,

by consigning a bill of lading to a bank, collecting bank, you assume that the goods will be taken up, only if the buyer paid or undertale to pay. It may happens also if the bill of lading is negotiable and all the originals have been sent to the collecting bank.
By seawaybill the carrier will deliver the goods to consignee, directly, so you will not aware about the payment or of the undertaking.
So it depends on the situation, kmowledge of drawee, if it is possible in your Country, etc.
Other comments appreciated

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