Documents for Transferable Letter of Credit

Simple is Beautiful; the only thing came in my mind when thought of documentary collection. And I think more and more people are thinking the same in these days. Documentary Collection offers us far greater security than selling on open account; but not as much as a documentary credit. We should therefore be more cautious before starting selling using this method of payment. Documentary Collection Forum is an effort to help you on this way – admin;
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Documents for Transferable Letter of Credit

Post by mbharathipetro » Fri Jan 31, 2020 5:12 pm

Dear All

I have the below questions? kindly please share your knowledge with me

1. For Transferable LC documents, Indermidiatry how to change Certificate of origin to original Buyer LC

2. Let's say, Producers Export goods from xyz country he issues CO to ABC country intermediate, how he can change importer name as per Original LC

3. How can work PB for transferable LC

thanks for advance

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