data differ

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data differ

Post by picant » Tue Jun 28, 2022 7:08 pm

Issuing bank refused documents stating that the invoice shows quantity for article 1 different from packing list:
Invoice states
-art 1 M2 826,18 at .....
-art 2 M2 419,08 at .....

Total quantity M2 1.245,26

Packing list states:

Pallet 1 art 2 M2 419,08
Pallet 2 art 1 M2 206,54
Pallet 3 art 1 M2 316,08

Total quantity M2 1.245,26

We disagree with the issuing bank, as per ISBP 745 paragraph M6, banks only examine total values, including but not limited to total quantites, total weights, total measurement or total packages, to ensure that the applicable total does not conflict with a total shown in the credit and on any other stipulated documents.
Your thought very much appreciated.

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data differ

Post by dinesh2476 » Thu Jun 30, 2022 1:13 am

Hi Picant

Agree with your comment. We had also faced instances like this. Issuing bank did not come back post our disagreement citing the ISBP paragraph. However, in our case, the quantity was huge and it was 2 pages of the detailed description of goods.

It does not matter the number of items but the intention of the ISBP paragraph is to avoid cross-validating each items with other documents other than (total weights and quantities) which certainly leads to try investigating items with their examiner's own understanding and in turn leads to raising unwarranted discrepancies.

Thanks & Regards.
Dinesh Kumar

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