Wrong consignee on bill of lading

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Wrong consignee on bill of lading

Post by picant » Sun Aug 06, 2023 7:32 pm

Hi Pals,

a true issue: presented a bill of lading consigned to another bank in the same Country. Discrepancy accepted by applicant notwithstanding the notice of issuing bank. What is to do?
-issuing bank asks consignee to be authorized to endorse the bill of lading on its behalf?

-issuing bank asks remitting bank to be authorized to modify the consignee on behalf of carrier?

-issuing ban delivers document to applicant as received?

Will it play a difference if the bill of lading has been issued by the forwarder acting as carrier's agent(House bill of lading) or as effective Carrier(Master bill of lading)?

Thanks a lot-ciao

PS Other different actions welcomed.

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