certificate of origin

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certificate of origin

by dinesh2476 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:36 am

Dear Experts,

a .Regarding goods description is to appear in the certificate of origin, certificate of origin evidencing Invoice number/bil of lading number alone is enough to comply with ISBP paragraph ''content of a certificate of origin'' or specific wordings say ''Goods as per Invoice number/bill of lading shared herein'' , ''specific wordings connecting should appear to comply.

b. Regarding consignee information should not conflict with consignee information in the BL, when certificate of origin does not state '' to the order'' which is evidencing in BL as part of consignee information , makes document discrepant? though '' to order'' does not give any additional benefit under consignee,, need to hear opinion from the experts here

also provide the opinion for reason for having ''any party named in the credit'' under consignee. any issue happened to have add such condition in the ISBP.


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Re: certificate of origin

by snejiblajeva » Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:26 pm

this is about the consignee from ISBP 754
Q9) Consignee information, when shown, is not to conflict with the consignee information in the transport document. However, when a credit requires a transport document to be issued "to order", "to the order of shipper", "to order of issuing bank", "to order of nominated bank (or negotiating bank)" or "consigned to issuing bank", a certificate may show the consignee as any entity named in the credit except the beneficiary. When a credit has been transferred, the first beneficiary may be stated to be the consignee.

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