Due Date Calculation

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Due Date Calculation

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Payment terms: 90 days from Invoice date
Doc Required: Manually signed commercial invoice issued by the beneficiary, which must be countersigned by the applicant.
Beneficiary issued Invoice with printed date as 01.08.2021
Invoice countersigned by the applicant with date 15.08.2021 under his signature.
Kindly confirm the date to be considered for calculation of maturity of above document, keeping in view of Para A13 of ISBP, which states : A document indicating a date of preparation and a later date of signing is deemed to be issued on the date of signing.
What is the correct date for payment.
A) 30th October 2021
B) 13th November 2021
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Re: Due Date Calculation

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Hi Pal,

IMHO, the invoice date is 01.08.2021, so the maturity date is 30.10.2021, the countersignature of applicant does not mean issuance of invoice. If, the signature of beneficiary was indicating 15.08.2021 the due date calculation will start from said date.
Other comments appreciated
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