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My Own SWIFT MT700 Parser And Some More Stories

My Own SWIFT MT700 Parser And Some More Stories

by Shahriar Masum | August 21, 2017

In my last post, I discussed how MT798 message flows between bank and corporate and how the MT798 structure differs from a bank to bank swift message (e.g. MT700 etc.). Today I will focus on the more technical details and FileAct protocol.

When I was in bank, I used to think swift server (at the bank) as an encrypted one that no one but SWIFT can read. I used to think; if somehow, I can open that database, I could generate a lot of reports. What I failed to realize at that time, is that, the SWIFT server is not a database. It's merely an ftp folder where you put the message in plain .txt file. You can actually read it in notepad. If anything was encrypted, that was my bank's trade finance module.

So, the basic process of sending message is; we place a plain text f... Read The Full Post

Miami... and counting

Miami... and counting

by Kim Sindberg | March 21, 2018

The ICC Banking Commission Annual Meeting will take place at the Hotel Intercontinental Miami, Florida 3-6 April 2018. As always the agenda is rich and wide in topics.

The agenda can be found via this link:

Here are some headlines:

* The Outlook for Global Trade Finance

* Reflections on the ICC Global Survey

* ICC Banking Commission: Ambitions in a World of Disruption

* The New Digital Economy and Trade Finance

* An update from Swift

* Getting Ahead of the Game: Combatting Illicit Trade, Fraud and Money Laundering

* Financial technology: The new kids... Read The Full Post

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