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Between 2003 and 2011 Kim Christensen published a number of trade finance related articles in various magazines and websites. July 2011 Kim Christensen changed name to Kim Sindberg. This book presents the majority of feature articles written by Kim Christensen.

For each article a fresh comment has been written for the purpose of providing background, context and additional information.

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This is by all standards a "huge" book. It is huge to hold; large in size and 304 pages – and it comprises articles written over a period of 9 years. Unlike other books that deal with trade finance issues – this one is build around a story. In fact a personal story. The book contains the majority of feature articles written by Kim Christensen – when his name was Kim Christensen. As we all know he changed name in 2011 (when he married Ketty) to Kim Sindberg. This is also the background for the title of the book: From the beginning when Kim Christensen started publishing trade finance articles – to the beginning when the same person started publishing articles under the name of Kim Sindberg.

The book contains 57 articles – published in 9 international magazines/websites. A number of those co-written with other trade finance experts – and some even translated into other languages.

The articles are presented in the order they have been published – and that indeed tells a story too. Both about the trade finance industry – but also about the author. It is interesting to see how the articles change over time – from being “wild” and searching – to being precise and well thought through comments and ideas on current issues.

It is indeed doubtful that anyone else alive today would be able to present such collection of trade finance related articles. That in itself is a huge achievement – especially when you take into account that the magazines represented here (DCInsight, LC Monitor, Trade & Forfaiting Review, DC World etc.) do not pay the authors.

The topics are all from the world of trade finance – but they do vary a lot. Some are very technical – e.g. scrutinizing single UCP articles, while others are more “high level” e.g. looking at the technological progress within the industry. Each article is written with huge dedication – and the insight of a man that “lives trade finance.”

It is a book that can be read from cover to cover – but also by “random” choice. There are lots and lots of interesting topics, views and ideas – and each article appear to be well researched and containing good and solid facts – even when it comes to other industries like transport and insurance. But above all Kim Christensen (now Kim Sindberg) writes is a clear and direct way. He manages to explain complex issues so that it sounds easy!

It is hard to find books like this one. It is unique.

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